General information about the magazine

The "Scientific Notes Journal of St. Petersburg State Institute of Psychology and Social Work" publishes materials in the field of psychology and social work. For readers, the magazine offers both fundamental research of psychology and social work from different scientific points of view, as well as cutting-edge research on a wide range of issues of psychology and sociology, as well as an opportunity to get a general idea of ​​the current state of science and society, as well as education in the considered areas.

For this purpose, the journal highlights columns for reviews, lectures, educational materials, materials of invited specialists.

The journal especially appreciates manuscripts that look at the problem being addressed through the prism of a combination of various scientific approaches, consider certain issues at the interface of sciences.

For authors, the journal offers review opportunities with a deep scientific approach, attentiveness, scrupulousness and impartiality, which are guaranteed by our approach to the ethics of publications.

The journal covers many major areas of psychology and sociology, but, as is characteristic of the sciences themselves, it also captures the boundaries on which they come into contact with other scientific disciplines, both basic and applied.

The journal is always open to new conceptual and methodological approaches in psychology and achievements in the field of modern psychological education.

Traditional columns

  • Research in Applied Psychology
  • Research in the field of social work in educational research
  • Studies in the Humanities in the field of health psychology research
  • Research in the field of personnel management postgraduate seminar
  • Our guests