Procedure for withdrawing articles published in the scientific journal "Scientific Notes Journal of St. Petersburg State Institute of Psychology and Social Work"

The journal «Scientific Notes Journal of Saint-Petersburg State Institute of Psychology and Social Work» withdraws articles in the following cases:

  • the editorial has clear evidence of unreliability of the published information resulting from either deliberate actions (for example, falsification of data) or unintentional errors  (for example, errors in calculations or experiments);
  • the article presents the results that were previously published in another journal and there are no proper references, permissions and justifications for republishing (i.e. cases of duplicate publication);
  • the article contains plagiarism;
  • the article presents studies that were conducted in violation of ethical standards.

The withdrawn articles remain in the journal, on the journal’s website and in the bibliographic databases. At the same time the withdrawn articles are clearly marked as such in all electronic sources.

The main purpose of withdrawing  an article is to correct the information published in it and ensure its accuracy, rather than to punish authors who have committed violations. 

The article can be withdrawn by the author(s), the editorial board and the publisher. The editorial board and the publisher can withdraw  an article even if all or some of the authors refuse to do so.