Use of art-therapy for correction of nonpsychotic affective disorders

Vol. 12 Iss. 2 pp. 1620 | St. Petersburg State Institute of Psychology and Social Work | ISSN: 1993-8101


Data o f the research o f estimation of psychotherapeutic effectiveness o f art-therapy at patients with depressions of nonpsychotic group, coupled with somatic pathology o f different degrees of severity and psychopathological structure (29 patients in the whole). The conclusion is justified that arttherapy is an effective method o f correction ofpsychosomatic disorders, caused by inadequate affective reactions, including those with evident borderline component o f anxiety. The method is less effective at hard vital manifestations of depression. The statement o f appropriateness o f the art-therapy use during long-lasting treatment of sornatized depressions at patients with disharmonious type o f reaction to a disease at psychiatric clinics is justified.



anhedonia, art-therapy, affective disorder, borderline disorder, psychotherapy, sornatized depression, somatoform disorders, anxiety, anguish


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